Advantages of Home Automation

Rapid advances in technology are making home automation a reality. Once thought to be science fiction, you can literally turn your home off and on with the touch of a button. Here are some of the major advantages it can provide. Home Automation Convenience Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to water your lawn with the touch of a button while on vacation, or turn the lights on in your house just before you arrive? Home automation makes these scenarios … Continue reading

The Shocking Truth Behind Static Electricity

So why is it that when winter hits, we see far more static electricity? The answer is pretty simple. In the summer, moisture in the air is far higher–and those water molecules act as a grounding barrier, which prevents excessive static charge. What is a static shock? It is the product of an imbalance of an electrical charge. When exposed to an insulator, which naturally holds onto electric charge–like rubber, or wool–you start scraping charge off of everything around you. It collects … Continue reading

Lighting Ideas for your Home

When considering lighting ideas in Dover for your home, office, or business, it is  important you consider every aspect of your environment. Let Artisan Electric help. an Looking for lighting installation in Dover, NH? Contact Artisan today. Lighting Ideas Proper lighting will only add to your home. You want lighting to brighten a general area without that glare you sometimes get with cheaper lighting, without causing any headaches with overbearing, blaring lights. You want to draw visitors’ eyes to furniture, … Continue reading

Using Paint Colors To Create An Ambiance

Paint colors can truly influence the feel of a room, in similar ways to how we discussed in our last post about lighting. Like lighting, colors help create ambiance in the room. As we pointed out, a wall color can look different depending on the amount of lighting and the source of the lighting. In today’s post we staying with the color topic and we are going to address how homeowners can choose paint colors to further portray their ideal … Continue reading

Light Bulbs And Fixtures Can Alter Your Room’s Ambiance

Many home decorators change out their light bulbs and fixtures to create a different desired ambiance. This is an easy change that can greatly impact your room and you can do it by yourself. Artisan Electric has put together some ideas for easy light changes that can create your desired feel for your room. Light Bulbs And Fixtures Can Alter Your Room’s Ambiance There are ways you can play with the amount, and color, of the light to obtain the … Continue reading

Think Twice Before You Do It Yourself For Electrical Work

With the internet being an expansion of do-it-yourself knowledge, more and more people are beginning to take on tasks that they would have traditionally hired professionals to complete. Simple tutorials and video instructions paired with frugal attitudes make do-it-yourself projects increasingly appealing; however, at what cost? Artisan Electric urges you to think before you try any electrical tasks, no matter how small. Think Twice Before You Do-Do-It Yourself For Electrical Work First off, do-it-yourselfers should check their homeowners’ insurance policy … Continue reading