Here’s why you should Automate your Home

Your neighbor recently had his house automated and you couldn’t help but wonder what that entailed. Since we’re living in the 21st century, everything is being automated now. You’re used to automatic garage doors, so why not automate your entire home, right? Here are some reasons why that’s a great idea. 1. Most of your home tasks are very repetitive, which can be easily accomplished through automation so you don’t have to get up and do everything yourself. From dimming … Continue reading

LED Lighting for Your House

LED lighting has become a very popular lighting choice in homes these days not just because they add a lot of aesthetic value to your home but help conserve energy too. CFL’s were once the popular choice for energy efficient lighting but now everyone is switching to LED. There are many types, sizes, and voltages of LED lighting available for you to choose from–and depending on the room of your house you should choose the LED light accordingly. Of course, … Continue reading

Living in The Dark? Get an Electrician to Solve your Wiring Woes

You probably know you have electricity or wiring problems when you turn on the light switch but the room is still as dark as pitch. Or the power goes out your neighborhood but only you are still sitting in the dark while others have got their lights back on. Whether you’re moving into a new house or living in a rented one, checking the electrical fittings and wiring will save you a lot of trouble in the future. You don’t … Continue reading

Energy Saving Spring Projects

Spring is officially here, and that means it is time to get busy (once the snow melts all the way). Looking to save some money? Here are some simple energy saving tips for you to try this spring. Energy Saving Spring Projects HVAC inspection/routine maintenance/tune up/change filter A professional should inspect your HVAC system at least twice a year. An inspector can replace the air filter and inspect your system’s refrigerant lines to help prevent problems before they begin. It is … Continue reading

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

The kitchen uses up a lot of energy, so here are some tips from Artisan Electric to save energy in the kitchen. Dishwasher use The dishwasher is a big drain. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to set the dishwasher on the economy setting. Run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded and avoid the rinse-hold setting if your dishes are really not that dirty. You could also air dry your dishes or pop the door open … Continue reading

What’s up with that Tripped Breaker?

There may be nothing more frustrating than tripped breakers. The question, though, is why is it happening in the first place? A circuit breaker will trip when they have more current passing through them than they were designed to handle. For example, a 20 Amp circuit breaker should never have 25 Amps of current going through it. It is going to trip and protect the circuit. Ever run  an electric heater and microwave at the same time. You tripped the breaker, right? … Continue reading