How to boost your wifi reception


Faster wifi is something we all aspire for so here are some tips to boost the wifi reception in your home.   Centrally locate your router Routers can be a bit of an eyesore, that’s why many people keep their router in their basement. However, location matters. Vox recommends moving your router to the center of the house to ensure that you get the most coverage. You should also make sure it’s isn’t covered and off the ground. This ensures … Continue reading

Fun and safe electricity experiments that you and your kid can do


Getting kids excited about science can be fun and safe. We here at Artisan Electric are partial to electricity, so here are some fun examples of electricity experiments you can do to teach your kid more about science. Light up the room with some static electricity Most of us come into contact with static electricity when a friend or sibling rubs their socks across a carpet in the winter and pokes us, but did you know you could power a … Continue reading

4 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Electricity Bill Right Now


We here at Artisan Electric know how important saving money can be for our customers. So we’re here to show you a few simple ways to help you save on on next month’s electricity bill. Make your house air tight Your money is going out the window if your windows are not properly caulked. According to Forbes, just by sealing up your window, your bill could go down by 15 to 30%. You can also save money by making sure … Continue reading

Home Improvements Straight out of 3017


If you’re like me, one of the best parts of the Internet is looking at the home projects that people do in their spare time. They can be these elaborate awesome projects that make their home look like it’s from the future. Here are a few examples of some awesome home renovations that can take your home to the next level. The Walls Are Magnetic wall/ With a magnetic wall, changing up the look of your home can become … Continue reading

Websites that can teach your kid how to be energy efficient


If you’re a parent, you know that energy efficiency is something that doesn’t come naturally for kids. You’ve probably found yourself having to close doors behind your kids as winter air blows into your house or remind them to turn off the computer when they are done. We’ve found a few websites that can help you teach your kids how to be energy efficient and save you a few extra dollars on that electricity bill. NASA’s Climate Kids While many … Continue reading

6 scenarios where you should call an electrician


By Kate Wilkinson Often times people think that you should only call an electrician when something is wrong, but in reality, there are many different scenarios where you should call an electrician. Something smells like its burning, but there is no flame or sparks are flying We’re starting with the worst case scenario as both of these are signs of a potential electrical fire. These may be early signs of an electrical fire. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, … Continue reading