4 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Electricity Bill Right Now

We here at Artisan Electric know how important saving money can be for our customers. So we’re here to show
you a few simple ways to help you save on on next month’s electricity bill.
Make your house air tight
electricity billYour money is going out the window if your windows are not properly caulked. According to Forbes, just by sealing up your window, your bill could go down by 15 to 30%. You can also save money by making sure that your exterior doors are properly sealed so that air doesn’t come in through there.

Skip the Dryer
In Europe, many people keep a washing machine in their kitchens. And to save energy, most don’t even have a dryer. The reason for this? They figured out that ditching a dryer saves them money. Not only will you save money, but if you leave your clothes out to dry in the sun, they’ll smell like fresh air.

Get a Good Thermostat
We’ve mentioned the Nest before in “3 Devices that will Make Your Home Futuristic” and that’s because it’s a
really cool device. Its technology will not only adjust the temperature so that your heat or air conditioner isn’t
blasting while you’re not there, but it will also encourage you to adjust your thermostat habits.

It may seem tedious, but unplugging your electronics that you’re not using can save you 10% of your electricity
bill. A really easy way to automate this process is by using a power strip. If you’re like me and need to charge
multiple electronics every night, power strips allow you to safely cut off the idle energy you waste by leaving
them plugged in.

By Kate Wilkinson

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