3 DIY Electrical Fails

By Kate Wilkinson

diy electrical failsThe Internet has no shortage of average people taking on elaborate Pinterest projects like baking rainbow cakes and creating secret passage doorways, but a quick Google search can provide no shortage of these picture perfect ideas going awry.

Today we’re looking at average people who took on DIY electrical projects that range from funny to dangerous.

A Fail that Will Blow You Away


While remodeling his bathroom, this guy tried to replace a fan with a light bulb. Over the course of the video the man reveals that while he was able to replace the fan, the only way can turn the light off is through the switch of a hairdryer plugged into the wall. His wife can be heard laughing in the background as he reveals this failed DIY project.

The 50 Mile Extension Cord


It’s common sense not to overload a surge protector, but this video shows a project that took several steps in the wrong direction. Watch as this electrical engineer from Washington follows a cord that connects the garage door to a light bulb in the adjacent home. This is another

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire


Mehdi Sadaghar is a YouTuber whose channel is dedicated to thrilling videos of motor biking and parkour, but he frequently takes on DIY electrical projects that lead to sparks, smoking and expletives. Watch how taking apart lamps, building sound systems and playing with electricity in general puts him at risk for burns and small fires.

Our Advice

Dont’ be a victim to DIY electrical fails. We encourage you to make your home a better place, but when it comes down to it, electricity can be dangerous. Save yourself some risk and contact Artisan Electric today so that our trained electricians can make your home renovation a success.

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